Transportation Law

Practice Areas

Transportation industry presents a constant challenge. The extensive regulation, the simultaneous involvement of several legal systems and the necessary link with international Conventions, imply a continuous monitoring and update.

For the provision of excellence legal services in this area it is also mandatory to have a profound knowledge of the market and technical domain – these characteristics distinguish our team, resulting from the significant experience that has been acquired throughout the years, representing reference stakeholders in maritime transportation, aviation or road infrastructures: insurers, Bank Syndicates or investment Banks, multinational shipowners, freight forwarders, airlines, IATA, rent-a-car companies, companies specialized in providing transportation services and mobility or road concessionaires.

Amongst the services provided in this area of practice, we point out:


Regulatory and Compliance;






Intervention in legislative processes;


Financing/Refinancing and warranties agreements in general, including financing agreements for the acquisition of aircrafts; airlines` financing; financing to road infrastructure projects; constitution of mortgages;


Draft and negotiation of several types of contracts, including consortium agreements; joint ventures; concession agreements or insurance policies;




Litigation and Arbitration, involving, namely, arrest of ships; civil liability arising from personal injury or property damage; insurance contracts; and


Mergers and Acquisitions/ Restructuring and Employment restructuring.




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