Intellectual Property

Practice Areas

Our Intellectual Property team assists and advises our clients on industrial and intellectual property matters, including:


Trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models, logos, trade and corporate names;


Copyright, know-how, protection of confidential information and protection of software.

In particular, our IP team’s practice comprises several aspects in the area of intellectual property, including the following:


Provision of active assistance in the identification of the client's intellectual property rights and in the support to the decision aimed at electing their protection strategy, according to the available options;


Preparation of contractual documents related to intellectual property rights, including those aimed at transferring, licensing or encumbering them;


Legal support in operations that involve the transfer of intellectual property rights, as well as conduction of due diligences, within corporate mergers and acquisitions and for purposes of supporting financing operations having as guarantees the intellectual property rights;


Handling of the administrative registration procedures (national, within the EC and international) since the filling of the registration application and its subsequent terms, presenting any requests, claims, oppositions and replies that may be necessary, until a final decision is issued by the competent authorities, including any renewal and extension requests;


Legal assistance in litigation related to infringement of any industrial property rights, including appeals from the PIIP's and OHIM's decisions and court proceedings regarding trademark, design or patent infringement and/or counterfeiting, unfair competition and/or misleading advertising, as well as infringement of copyright, know-how, confidential information and software.


Margarida Roda Santos


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