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The recent flow of international investments to Mozambique results in new challenges to the Mozambican service providers. In the case of legal services, it became necessary to prepare and execute more complex operations, involving several jurisdictions, as well as to provide legal advice to clients at the highest levels of excellence.

In order to meet such challenges, we have established, in 2013, an association with the Mozambican law firm AG Advogados, keeping a close collaboration between the Portuguese and the Mozambican teams.

As members of Eversheds Sutherland, and benefitting from the similarities between Mozambican and Portuguese laws, a Mozambican helpdesk covering all areas of law in Lisbon to support AG Advogados.

This helpdesk allows an active and efficient cooperation between the lawyers in the various areas of law, taking advantage of all the potential and interdisciplinary activities that nowadays characterise legal work.




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