Energy and Natural Resources

Practice Areas

The energy and natural resources sector takes a central position in the world economy. Companies in this area face many challenges but also opportunities in terms of technological change, geopolitics, globalisation and urbanisation. Competitiveness and sustainability are mutually reinforcing concepts. Energy security, future supplies, reserve replacement, production growth and price volatility are all key challenges facing companies in the sector. In turn, issues such as acquisition and consolidation are never far from the agenda.

Our Energy and Natural Resources team is renowned for its experience in the energy industry, working closely with the other departments of our firm for a solid and comprehensive service, as well as with a wide range of leading companies in helping to create the conditions in which our clients can thrive, helping to maximise their development.

We are active in the energy sector in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique with a special focus on renewable energies and oil and gas. We represent several domestic and international clients in all aspects related to this market, including, inter alia, on the acquisition of concessions and participating rights, negotiation of financing and services agreements, regulatory and compliance matters and foreign exchange matters, where applicable.


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