Real Estate, Property and Construction

Practice Areas

Our Real Estate, Property and Construction team has experience in all matters regarding investments, construction and real estate development, advising domestic and international clients in all types of real estate operations and projects:


Assistance to real estate and management companies in all areas of their businesses;


Advice on property development and funding;


Advice on the acquisition and sale of commercial and residential properties;


Assistance in the taking and granting of leases;


Assistance in the issue of all necessary licenses and permits during the construction phases;


Acquisition, licensing, construction, development and disposal of real estate assets;


Planning, setting up and advising real estate investment vehicles.

We are active in all real estate sectors – agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential and tourism, as well as construction – and we follow a multidisciplinary approach (in the tax, administrative, financial and, if necessary, litigious areas), which allows us to provide a complete and integrated service to our clients.




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